CREMLINplus Kick-off Workshop

cremlinOn February 19-20, 2020, the CREMLINplus Kick-off Workshop was held in Hamburg (Germany). CREMLINplus  was supported within the EU Framework programme “Horizon 2020”. The coordinator of the project is DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron).

CREMLINplus will strongly advance the five Russian megascience projects in close European-Russian collaboration. This objective refers to the technical preparation of the megascience projects for European and international utilisation. The project will allow European-Russian collaborative top teams to develop and deliver finest, novel cutting-edge technologies for both the Russian megascience projects and their European RI counterparts.

Project will prepare a defined set of Russian research infrastructures, hosted at eleven laboratories (LIST 11), for not only Russian, but also European and international access and utilisation. For this purpose, suitable framework conditions for opening and accessing these Russian facilities will be developed and implemented. A comprehensive base of knowledge and expertise for RI managers and scientists at various levels will be created.

The following issues were discussed at the meeting: general project concept and preliminary work plan for each of the project work packages.

The meeting was attended by over 90 representatives of 35 CREMLINplus participating organizations. The 25-member Russian delegation was headed by Andrey Anikeev, Deputy Director of the Department of State Scientific and Technological Policy, Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation.

Irina Kuklina, Executive Director, Anastasia Zadorina, Deputy Executive Director for international scientific and technical cooperation and Mayya Bzhaniya, expert of the international scientific and technical programmes represented the ICISTE at the meeting. ICISTE is a lead beneficiary of the WP8 aimed at developing  transnational access models for the Russian RIs.

CRENLINplus is a continuation of CREMLIN project (duration 2015-2018, ). CREMLINplus Web page is under construction.

CREMLINplus Kick-off Workshop Group Photo
Photo by DESY / Marta Mayer (CC BY 4.0)