Maria Vershinina

Вершинина_2 Expert of the International Centre for Innovation in Science, Technology and Education


In 2010 graduated from Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, faculty of Organizational Psychology.

Completed advanced training courses “Psychological Consulting” at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis and a two-year training program for narrative therapy at the Center for Narrative Psychology and Practice.

In 2010-2014 Maria worked in the field of personnel assessment and development, from elaborating the assessment tools to analyzing assessment results and formulating recommendations on staff development and management.

Since 2014, worked at ICISTE as an expert for monitoring of the research and development projects with international participation. Expertise includes following milestones:

  • assessment of reporting documentation;
  • preparation of reference and analytical information on the implementation of projects;
  • providing advisory and methodological support to grant recipients regarding planning and project management issues.