5th BRICS Call 2021 is now open!

The BRICS STI Framework Programme aims to support excellent research on priority areas which can best be addressed by a multinational approach. The initiative should facilitate cooperation among the researchers and institutions in the consortia which consist of partners from at least three of the BRICS countries.

Thematic areas of the Joint Call:

  1. Transient astronomical events and Deep Survey science
  2. Antimicrobial resistance: technologies for diagnosis and treatment
  3. Simulation and big data analytics for advanced precision medicine and public healthcare
  4. High Performance Computing (HPC) and BigData for Sustainable Development: Solving Large Scale Ecological, Climate and Pollution problems
  5. Innovation and entrepreneurship on Photonic, Nanophotonics and metamaterials for addressing bio-medicine, agriculture, food industry and energy harvesting issues
  6. Materials science and nanotechnology for addressing environmental, climate change, agricultural, food and energy issues
  7. Renewable energy, including smart grid integration
  8. Ocean and polar science and technology
  9. Water treatment technology
  10. Research in aeronautics and aerospace

The duration of a collaborative research project will be two or three years with expected start date of projects around the middle of 2022

The application process consists of two stages: Pre-proposal submission stage and Full proposal submission stage:

Stage 1: Pre-proposal A Joint Application Form (JAF) shall first be submitted by the Project Coordinator to the Call Secretariat through the online BRICS STI Framework Programme Application Management System.

Stage 2: Full Proposal Invited projects’ consortia shall submit national components serving as a Full Proposal to their respective national funding organizations. Each national team of a project shall submit a national component (i.e. proposal) to the relevant national participating funding organization in accordance with all required procedures of each particular participating funding organization.

The national component to be submitted varies in form, terms and information provided depending on the particular participating funding organization.

5th coordinated call for BRICS multilateral projects 2021 is open.  Call is open until 14th October 2021, 15:00 Moscow Time (UTC+3)&


More: http://brics-sti.org/?p=new/30